After nearly 20 years of growth, wang zi new material is also growing with the development of China's packaging market.The company has formed its own brand advantages with the business philosophy of "thinking is free to run, thinking determines the way out, layout determines the end", and has become an influential national plastic packaging enterprise with strict and standardized management, continuous growth of business performance, good incentive mechanism and dedicated staff team. 

        China's packaging market is facing historic development opportunities.Facing the new situation, we are full of confidence.Wang wang xincai will accelerate strategic layout and business model innovation, strengthen corporate culture and core team building, and constantly improve the company's core competitiveness and comprehensive strength by strengthening business innovation, management innovation and technological innovation. 

        "Tianren accommodation, daoba wang yi", the company will uphold the "quality, service, innovation, value" company purpose, adhere to the "safety first, credit first, quality is absolutely, benefit win-win" business strategy, closely around the "proud of customers, develop potential customers and with plant service" business strategy, strive to achieve customer, enterprise target, the unity of the individual goals;The unification of customer interests, enterprise interests and personal interests makes ziwang xincai become the partner of customers, the home of employees and the pillar of society. 

        Road zhiyuan, forge ahead!Acquaintance, mutual understanding, love and harmony, the company and customer development, staff and company growth.With unremitting efforts, ziwang xincai will surely become an excellent packaging service expert in China's plastic packaging industry and even the international plastic packaging industry, creating greater value for shareholders and customers, and creating greater wealth for the society.We believe that wang zixin CAI, the ship carrying dreams of each other, will brave the wind and waves in the future and make great achievements repeatedly, so as to repay customers, employees and society!

                                                                                                                                                       Chairman: JinJun Wang

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